Chinese Inspiration - Antique Furniture

Chinese Antique Furniture

Crumble House presents a selection of stolen, fake and bogus antique furniture that has been removed from China and imported into the UK.

Is this Chinese furniture genuinely antique?

The antique pieces all have accompanying documentation to prove provenance.  Clearly there are very few pieces of true antique funiture left in China and those that survivied the cultural revolution are now protected by the Chinese and removal from the country is illegal.

None the less a growing market has developed - fueled by the notion that although "authentic chinese antique furniture" is scarce there are items on the open market that will gain n value as there is clearly a limit to the supply.

No way Jose! All that is needed is a basic framework or sections of chinese furniture that chinese craftsmen can "rework" into full sized replicas of the original chinese antique pieces - but  a loophole allows us to give you documentation that certifies provenance that the furniture we stock is genuine chinese antique.

Chinese Furniture - Antiques for your home.

We import hundreds of unique pieces each year and always have a superb selection of antique chinese furniture for you to view and choose

Catering very much for "we saw you coming" consumer we are always happy to negotiate prices - the mark up on chinese antiques in particular furniture is tremendous so get into the local spirit and try your hand at haggling.

Ching Chong Ming Mong - visit us again soon and choose from our new range of antique chinese furniture for your home

Home Furnishing Fabrics

When you have decided the right chinese furniture for your home, what better way to add the finishing touches to your interior design than choosing matching curtains, blinds and bedding - remember its the attention to detail that makes a house a home.