I don’t follow soccer, but decided to check out the US-England game. At first, I thought there was something wrong with the audio. Then, I realized the awful droning was coming from these mega-kazoos – Vuvuzela madness.  Sustained noise like this has been used as torture. I stuck it out to the end of the game, but I will not be watching any more soccer unless the mega-kazoos are silenced.

I can understand the vuvuzelas after a goal but when the crowd is blowing them through the whole game it is very annoying.

Lots of venues ban the compressed-air boat horns — what would be any different for these stupid trumpets? It’s a great illustration of the tragedy of the commons, where each person’s amusement from blowing the stupid thing makes it impossible for anyone to hear anything. At the very least, set aside a section of the stadium for mindless trumpeting!

Air horns have been banned from most sporting events and I understand some soccer hooligans were preemptively detained.

If FIFA can round up rowdies before they throw the first punch, I’m sure they can get rid of the mega-kazoos.