Body Scanners Check Your Underwear

Let’s see now; the idiot shoe bomber got on an American international flight, and as a result, we all have to remove our shoes as part of security screening. Then, we had the would-be suicide bomber who was going to mix chemicals on board to create a bomb, and as a result we all must separate our lotions and potions, putting them in a separate Zip-lock bag of precisely one-quart size and with no item of more than 100ml. One of these days, a would-be terrorist is going to try the deed while wearing chemical-soaked clothing, so I guess we can expect to be required to strip to the buff for security screening.

But chances are we will never see an “underwear bomber”. It’s proven that you can’t pack enough explosives in even the most generous women’s underwear to bring down a jetliner anyway. So why should we be checking the genitals of millions of passengers, when they will just blow up the security line, the train, a bus, or something easier to do?

All that we will accomplish is to alienate the traveling public and put a few airlines out of business – Invasion of the Full-Body Scanners

If we today had the courage demonstrated by our forebearers, when we arrived at the scanning machine and took off our shoes, etc, we would just strip down to the buff, and walk through. Having thousands of travellers in the buff at multiple airports across the land would put an end to this insanity very quickly.