Blood Pressure Monitors List

Blood Pressure Monitors approved by the British Hypertension Society: Omron, A and D, Microlife

Why monitor your blood pressure at home?

Your blood pressure is a vital indicator of your state of health, and these days most doctors recommend that you test yourblood pressure regularly. These state of the art monitors allow you to do this in the comfort of your own home, thus avoiding “white coat syndrome” (an increase in BP due to entering a hospital or medical environment that can cause misleading readings).

All of the blood pressure monitors on this list have been through independent testing, have been shown in research to be accurate:

Prices in black are approximate RRP – check for latest online prices at the following Medical Supply Web sites – online UK distributors of a wide range of medical equipment to both medical professionals and individual home users including stethoscopes and a wide range of automatic digital blood pressure monitors. Look for suppliers that consistently score high on high quality service and offer excellent value for money and that they stock makes and machines that the British Hypertension Society recommend – accurate monitors for home use and regularly include promotions with their sales.

You can download an up to date list from the BHS website BHS Monitors approved for home use  (pdf opens in new window)

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors

Omron MX2 Basic – £53
Omron MX3 Plus – £43
Omron M4-I – no longer manufactured
Omron M6 – £54
Omron M7 – £63
Omron M5-I – no longer manufactured
Omron 705cp-II – £150
Omron 705IT – £170
The latest Omron M10 IT

Full details of Omron Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

Omron R7 (Wrist monitor) – £120
Omron 637-IT (Wrist monitor) – £150

More about Omron wrist blood pressure monitors

Lloyds Pharmacy

Recently accredited see reviews of the Lloyds Pharmacy Blood Pressure Monitor

A and D Machines

A and D Instruments UA-704 – £40
A and D Instruments UA-705 – £40
A and D Instruments UA-767 – £70
A and D Instruments UA-779 – £71
A and D Instruments UA-787 – £80
A and D Instruments UA-767 Plus – £80
A and D Instruments UA-767 Plus Memory – £85
A and D Instruments UA-774 – £90
A and D Instruments UA-767PC – £120
A and D Instruments UA-767V – £150
A and D Instruments UA-767P-BT – £176

Full details of selected A&D Monitors

Microlife Monitors

(available cuff sizes noted)

Microlife 3AG1 – £40 St, L
Microlife 123 – easy as – £30.00 inc vat
Microlife BP 3BTO-A – £50 St, L
Microlife 3BTO-A (2) £70 – with two different sized cuffs provided can also be used during pregnancy
Microlife BP A100- £60 St, L


Microlife BP 3AC1-1 – £70 St, L
Microlife BP A100 Plus – £80 St, L
Microlife BP 3AC1-1PC – £90 St, L


Boots Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (Omron HEM-742-UK) – £50
Boots Upper Arm Intellisense (Omron HEM-757-UK) – £80

Cuff size: Use the Correct Cuff Size with your Blood Pressure Monitor

Many models are available with different sized cuffs, depending on the size of your arm. Most people need the standard cuff, but if you have very large or very small arms you may need a small or large size. Ask your doctor or nurse for advice if you think you need a non- standard cuff. If different sizes are available for any model they are listed as: S: small, St: standard and L: large.

All Omron and A+D Instrument monitors have small, standard and large cuff sizes available to buy. More and more home blood pressure monitors are being sold with Special cuffs that accommodate a wide range of arm sizes from medium to very large. These Machines often have the letter L following the model number.

Using the right size of cuff on the arm is important for accurate readings.

Four out of every five people are able to use the standard size cuff that comes with the monitor and get accurate readings. However, some people have very thin or very large arms and a standard size cuff may produce inaccurate readings. If the cuff is too small the reading may be falsely high and if it is too big the reading may be falsely low. If you have any doubts, ask the manufacturer of your monitor about the cuff sizes they have available and check with your doctor or nurse that you are using the right one.

NB the Latest Omron M10 IT Blood Pressure Monitor comes complete with their unique dual sized ComfortCuff for comfortable, easy and accurate measurements.