Lloyds Blood Pressure Monitor

Lloyds Blood Pressure Monitor

Lloyds Pharmacy blood pressure monitors have been available from their high street shops for many years. Now they are available to buy online at discounted prices directly from the Lloyds Chemist website

Here we take a close look at the Lloyds blood pressure monitor to see if it is a good choice of monitor for someone who wants to check their blood pressure regularly at home and compare it to other models available so you can make an informed purchase if you decide to buy your own blood pressure monitor.

Lloyds Pharmacy followed Boots the Chemists by offering their own brand home medical equipment in store at their numerous high street shops in an attempt to make affordable blood pressure monitors easily available to Lloyds shoppers.

Lloyds Speaking Monitor

The fully automatic blood pressure monitor features a talking function with adjustable volume that can be deactivated.  Buy direct from Lloyds

Is the Lloyds Blood Pressure Monitor Good Value For Money?

It is essential that blood pressure readings are taken regularly and that the machine used is accurate.  The British Hypertension Society insist that monitors should acheive a certain standard of accuracy and produce a regularly updated list of blood pressure machines that are validated and suitable for both clinical and home use.

How many Lloyds blood pressure monitors are used by doctors in surguries?

Most surgeries have moved towards using automatic electronic devices to measure blood pressure choosing to use clically validated machines from established medical equipment manufactureres such as Omron and A&D that are available to buy online from medical supply specialists.

Now that certain models of Lloyds monitors have been approved by the BHS we expect to see more in use in surgeries and clinic.

Lloyds Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

Read the most recent, helpful reviews of Lloyds on Amazon

In the past Lloyds monitors unfortunately had poor reviews – see this Lloyds monitor review on Amazon where an Amazon customer concluded that “no wonder its discounted, the Lloyds blood pressure monitor is very poorly designed and simply doesn’t work”.

A question asked on Yahoo – Are Lloyds blood pressure monitors reallly accurate? See the resposes at Yahoo Answers


Whether the perception of cheap = unreliable is true or not we are delighted that Lloyds have attempted to bring an affordable monitor for the home use market.

There are some that still think that by spending a little extra you will be able to buy a professional blood pressure monitor that is easy to use at home, comfortable and accurate with many helpful functions to enable you to keep a record of your health.

Many thousands of happy users disagree and consider their Lloyds monitor to be excellent value for money.