Christmas Hampers – How to Make a Personalised Gift Hamper

Many stores have an extensive selection of Christmas hampers and will gladly charge and arrange for delivery in time for Christmas. All you need to do is pick out items that you would like to include in the hamper and the store does the rest. Pre-packed Christmas hampers are also widely available and delicatessens’ will often provide hampers with produce of the country of your choice.

Make Your Own Christmas Hamper

How about putting together your own Christmas hamper as a gift? It needn’t be expensive or time consuming and with some imagination, you can create the perfect, personalised gift hamper.

Personalised Gift Hampers

Keep the person in mind who you are buying for – remember their interests and tastes (not necessarily yours!).  Choose your hamper theme, set a budget and begin your hunt for items for the hamper. Remember, if you sending the hamper by Royal Mail, the cost of postage may affect your budget, so from a cost and breakage perspective, avoid including heavy glass items in your hamper (with perhaps the exception of a small bottle of home made sloe gin). If you are personally handing it on, fill it to the brim – but make sure the person receiving the hamper is able to carry it home.

What to Put in a Home Made Hamper

Once you have a theme for your hamper, draw up a list of what you would like to include.

Aim to include something fun, beautiful and useful in your gift selection.

Here are two ideas for making personalised gift hampers to get you thinking:

Alternative Gift Hampers

Remember – a hamper can be created to suit all tastes – and that doesn’t necessarily mean food and drink just because it’s a Christmas gift!

Not everyone wants to indulge at Christmas – you can create a healthy christmas hamper and include some of the following ideas:

  • detox tea
  • luxury cereal bars
  • Health Food shop voucher
  • selection of vitamins
  • a skipping rope
  • box of low fat cereal
  • a tape measure
  • bathroom scales
  • bottles of energy drink

Eco Gift Hamper

Wrap gifts in newspaper for an alternative look and aim to buy your purchases from second hand or charity shops – don’t forget charity gifts are another unusal gift idea. Look out for books on waste management and recycling or ideas for allotment gardening; buy energy lighting bulbs, battery rechargers, can crushers, or soap savers. Your thrift will be appreciated!

With a little imagination, you will be giving the perfect, personalised gift by making Christmas Hamper.