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The Stethoscope - Essential Medical Equipment

image of stethoscopeDoctors and nurses have been using stethoscopes for nearly two hundred years, but the traditional stethoscope may be destined for medical museums claimed the Times in September 2007 when reports of ultra sensitive electronic stethoscopes with mp3 recording and playback were becoming affordable for medical students who are looking to choose their first stethoscope.

Not so, argue medical professionals who insist the traditional stethoscope remains an important piece of medical equipment for both experienced practioners and medical students alike.

A Stethoscope for Medical Students

Amongst the mixed emotions of being accepted into Medical School there is the anxiety of trying to decide which stethoscope to choose. Here we present recent findings to help the medical student choose a stethoscope.

Top quality stethoscopes suitable for clinical practice and medical students at affordable prices are available from online medical equipment specialist Medisave UK where you will find further information about the different stethoscopes and will help you find a suitable stethoscope for your professional training and career cheaper online

There are many options to choose from but experts urge that medical students avoid electronic stethoscopes until they have become familair and competent using traditional acoustic models. Doubtless the built-in microphones on the latest electronic models will help listeners catch even the faintest heart murmur however many Medical School guidelines insist that students use acoustic stethoscopes that feature a diaphragm and or bell that picks up the sound and lumens which transmit the noise to the ears.

Littmann Stethoscopes

Confronted with hundreds of designs of Stethoscope to choose from a search on the internet for [stethoscope] finds great support for Littman Stethoscopes. Littmann continue to enjoy being the market leader with great reviews of their stethoscopes for Cardiologists, GPs, Nurses, Medical students and even Vets!


The advice given in a recent interview explained: "Cutting corners when buying a stethoscope is mis-guided and short sighted. A stethoscope is a piece of medical equipment that you will always carry on your person, and often the only piece of equipment that you are directly responsible for. Weigh up the comparison of the total cost of your medical education and training to the outlay for a top quality stethoscope."

Which Stethoscope?

A thorough search revealed the following comments and reviews of stethoscopes:-

  • Don't forget a Littman Stethoscope has that lifetime waranty
  • I really love my Littmann Cardiology stethoscope, probably more power than medical students need, but the sound quality is truly awesome
  • Welch Allyn - I tried three models..I'm not a fan. It was far too short - and they say size doesn't matter.
  • Most people go with the Littmann Cardiology III. It is a great stethoscope and you can easily change the pediatric side into a bell.

A stethoscope should last for your entire training and well into your professional medical career. Choose the best stethoscope for your needs now and begin your medical school with confidence that you have the right tool for the job.

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