Lets go surfing now with David Gregory

Surfing Devon and Cornwall, the north coast's best surfing beaches

Whoo hooooooIt's only four hours from land locked Morden to reach  the wonderful surfing spots of North Devon/Cornwall - but hurrah we now live in Lustleigh, Devon and can hit the waves in just over an hour.   Warm up at Saunton - really slow but long mellow rides perfect for chilling out after the eternal traffic in Barnstaple, nip round to Croyde for a face full of sand following frequent wipe outs because of the little drop-in short board boys then maybe leave Devon and head down to North Cornwall, Bude or Widemouth with plenty of space for everyone and keep going until the arms can paddle no more the off to the surf shops or chippie

Once went in at Polzeath, Cornwall - blimey a million boogie boards and surfers - how does anyone get a wave to themselves?

Get on that nose!Sorry very dull, crap surfing page, please revisit in a few weeks and it'll be a great longboard surfing resource - I've been saying that for weeks already...

I'm just down in the dumps at the moment having been told my Local Hero longboard is irrepairable by the maker Graeme Bunt - didn't even offer a discount on one of his new boards.

Commissioned Clicky in Ide, Devon to shape a wonderful longboard to suit my increasing years and waistline.  Check it out.  A hand made, custom surfboard built and expertly shaped at Lazika Surf Designs in Devon

Cheers, Davo



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