Eat less exercise more.

Once you understand this your diet will improve.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

If everybody grasped this succinct truth, the Diet Industry would go out business overnight.

Although some argue that it isn’t a case of just eat less. It should be eat differently. It is quality, not quantity which matters. If you eat decent quality food, then you will automatically gradually reduce the quantity because the quality will make up for the quantity. More nourishing food is generally more filling and forms a healthy diet.

The problem is that in our society we are constantly being surrounded by food which essentially tastes good, but is very poor in nutrients. It is basically just a sugar rush. But as long as the demand from the masses is there for this junk food, the companies making it will keep on supplying it.

It is simple economics. In this case it is demand and supply.

What do you know, I’ve been on loads of diets and you’ve never been on one

It’s not rocket science. We know what we need to do to lose weight… It’s the willpower that is the problem ! Oh and also the choc addiction…

Reading around I discovered various suggestions for the secret of weight loss for the fat and lazy – just don’t have the calorific stuff in the house and when the munchies hit – invariably you’ll be too lazy to do anything about it – certainly not get off the sofa and walk to the shops – well it works for some.

To lose weight, eat fewer calories than your body uses. There wouldn’t be a dieting industry if people just understood that. The women in my family seem to think there’s a magic formula in diets that allows them to cheat this rule and they laugh when I tell them it’s as simple as that. “What do you know, I’ve been on loads of diets and you’ve never been on one”

One commenter in The Times went further suggesting that “It may sound drastic but the only way we’ll lose weight as a nation is to be put on rations. There is too much food available. Supermarkets, petrol stations, cafes like Starbucks and Cafe Nero, and Greggs which produce very low nutritional-high fat/sugary pastries etc.”

Happy New Year – and EAT LESS