Tonight there is a Conservative broadcast pushing the ongoing East Africa Appeal.  The Tories have ditched there political broadcast in favour of charity appeal.

The Prime Minister and ministers will use allocated airtime to appeal for donations to charities working for East African famine relief.

Oxfam’s Humanitarian Director Jane Cocking said:

“This is a timely reminder that the crisis in East Africa is continuing to push people beyond their ability to cope. With months to go before the next harvest, and increasing conflict, we are still seeing thousands of people flee their homes in search of aid.

“The world’s largest refugee camp in the world, Dadaab, will soon reach 500,000, close to the size of the city of Manchester — as the Conservatives gather there, people continue to flee the famine in Somalia for Dadaab every day. They arrive hungry, weak and in need of emergency aid.

“Oxfam has so far raised more than £7 million for the people of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia and reached more than 2 million people with aid. But our response is still significantly underfunded and the crisis is only getting worse in parts of the region. People will need help for years to come in order to recover from the worst emergency in the world today.”