A and D Instruments Blood Pressure Monitors

A and D Instruments Blood Pressure Monitors

A and D UA 767 Plus Blood Pressure Monitor

The UA-767 Plus upper arm blood pressure monitor incorporates the latest technology for accurate measurements at home. The One Step Plus Memory blood pressure monitor is automatic and inflates to the correct pressure every time a reading is taken. The UA 767 monitor stores the last reading in memory.

The UA-767 Plus has an Irregular Heartbeat feature. This monitor provides blood pressure and pulse rate measurements even when an irregular heartbeat occurs. The UA-767 Plus also has the following:

* Provides simultaneous readout of systolic/diastolic pressure and pulse rate
* Calculates and displays average blood pressure readings
* Alerts the user of the presence of an irregular heart beat during reading
* Small, Medium or Large cuff sizes can also be purchased separately
* Large-print trilingual instruction guide with illustrations and quick start card in English, French and Spanish
* Clinically validated for accuracy
* One button operation
* Irregular Heartbeat feature
* Large digital display
* Fast measurement
* Latex free

A and D UA 767 Blood Pressure MonitorA and D UA-787 Blood Pressure Monitor

State-of-the-art technology has made the UA-787 Monitor, even better. A and D Instruments introduce an enhanced version of the UA-787, the UA-787 Plus. This Plus model has added features taking into account ease of use, comfort measurement & accurate monitoring.Image of A and D UA 787 Blood Pressure Monitor

The UA-787 Plus Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor comes with the following features:

* Smooth and Fast Measurement
* Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) Indicator
* Blood Pressure Classification Indicator
* Large 60-Memory + Average Reading including Time and Date
* Newly designed extra wide range e-Cuff for Easy Fastening and Comfortable Measurement.
* 22-45 cm fitment range.
* Large Comprehensive 3-line Display
* Clock Display and Reminder Alarm
* Validated as UA-787

Smooth and Fast Measurement

Patients may feel a little uncomfortable during blood pressure measurement because of the pressure applied to the arm and the noise while inflating the cuff. Our newest technology has made those feelings of discomfort a thing of the past. The UA-787 Plus requires a shorter measurement time and its newly developed semi-hard shell cuff also caters for a wider range of arm sizes. The new whisper silent pump further aids smooth and fast measurement.

Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) Indicator

This lights up if an IHB is detected during a measurement. The indicator alerts users of an irregular heartbeat, which could be linked with cardiovascular disease. (Note: This is for warning purposes only. A&D recommends contacting a physician if the user observes this indicator frequently.)

Blood Pressure Classification Indicator

The World Health Organization (WHO) distinguishes 6 different blood pressure stages. This monitor automatically indicates your classification (Optimal to Severe hypertension) after each measurement is completed.

Large 60-Memory + Average Reading

The UA-787 Plus has a 60 reading memory capacity including time & date for monitoring the trend of your measurements. An average of all the stored data is shown at each start up, offering the user their comprehensive measurement history at a glance.

Newly designed e-Cuff

A newly designed semi-hard shell cuff promises easy fastening around your arm as well as comfortable blood pressure measurements for patients in a wider arm range (22 to 45cm).

Large Comprehensive 3-line Display

The UA-787 Plus is equipped with a comprehensive LCD display so you can feel confident about your blood pressure measurement and its results. A detailed result readout (Systolic, Diastolic & pulse) is shown simultaneously. Additional information such as the inflation level, WHO classification & IHB, as well as the SYS/DIA readout, offer the user a wide range of details.

Clock Display with Reminder Alarm

The Current Time is displayed when the unit is not in use. You can set the alarm for 3 separate times during the day to remind yourself of your daily measurements.