Omron M7 Blood Pressure Monitor

OMRON M7 Blood Pressure Monitor

The OMRON M7 monitor is the perfect device for all users interested in an upper arm blood pressure monitor that is easy to use and extremely comfortable.

The Omron M7 Blood Pressure Monitor comes with the unique ML comfort cuff. This cuff fits all, normal adult size (from 22cm) to the very large arm size of 42 cm so can it be used by different people in one family or by professionals having different patients.

Fully automatic upper-arm blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure monitoring for active prevention!

Omron M7 Blood Pressure MonitorThe Omron M7 Blood pressure Monitor

  • Intellisense technology – ensure comfortable automatic inflation, readings and deflation

  • Pre-formed cuff fits 22 to 42 cm sizes 90 memories (each measuremen is stored with date and time of measurement). Please note, this monitor will only work with the OMM7RC, and is only available between 22cm and 42cm.

  • Large 2-fold display Date and time are shown – clear and easy to read.

  • Clinically validated algorithm ensures that your readings are worthwhile and of use to your Doctor