Omron Blood Pressure Monitors

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors

Upper Arm Monitors for Home Use

Omron offer versatile solutions for you whether at home or travelling. Here you will find details about Omron’s range of stylish upper arm digital blood pressure monitors. These machines are fully automatic and easy to use to measure your blood pressure – no stethoscope is required to take your own readings

All these machines can be purchased online from suppliers of medical equipement to health professionals and the public in the UK. At the last price comparison both offered great prices and a price match guarantee along with free gift offers such as Omron Pedometers and First Aid Kits.

Follow this link to find out full details of the latest Omron Blood Pressure Monitor – the Omron M10 IT – fully automatic upper arm machine

Image of Omron M6 Blood Pressure MonitorOMRON M6 Blood Pressure Monitor NEW

The OMRON M6 is the monitor with the largest display in the market so it is extremely easy to read the result.

The measurement is done most quickly using IntelliSense, the comfort inflation technology.

The M6 has a support system showing the user if body movement has disturbed the measurement and needs to be repeated.

Full details and where to buy.

Fully automatic Omron M6 upper arm blood pressure monitor

Image of Omron M7 Blood Pressure MonitorOMRON M7 Blood Pressure Monitor

The OMRON M7 monitor is the perfect device for all users interested in an upper arm blood pressure monitor that is easy to use and extremely comfortable.

Read full details about the Omron M7 Monitor


Computer transfer of information makes tracking easy. Thanks to the new Bio Information Link functionality, this unit makes it easy to transfer date to your PC. No computer, just hook up to an optional compact printer for data and graphical output. Optional AC adapter and large or small cuffs are available. Clinically validated algorithm by International, BHS and AAMI protocols.Image of Omron 705IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Fully automatic upper-arm blood pressure monitor.

  • Bio Information Link (BI) functionality
  • Includes USB cable and software CD-Rom
  • Optional Printer for hard copies
  • Intellisense technology
  • Can take optional small and large cuffs
  • Memory capacity for 28 readings
  • Large 2-fold display
  • Clinically validated algorithm
  • Soft case.

Image of Omron MX3 Plus Blood Pressure MonitorOMRON MX3 plus

Offering the solid and reliable technology from OMRON, this monitor is a best seller. It operates on batteries or on Mains with an optional AC adapter.

This Blood Pressure monitor is a low cost reliable monitor with 14 memory function. It is very simple to use and the blood pressure is displayed in turn with the pulse reading. It is very good value for money.

A comfortable and easy-to-wrap adult cuff is supplied.